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about shelley

Shelley photo cap4Your joyful living coach

What is Shelley’s approach to coaching?

The coaching Shelley offers is a consciously designed relationship in which you and Shelley commit fully to your path of becoming a more consciously active and effective individual so you can create the person, life and impact you most desire. Usually, your vision of these goals evolves as you do. In fact, people often enter coaching with only vague ideas of their genuine desires in these areas. This is, of course, a perfect place to begin. The coaching relationship is the ideal environment in which to experiment with and clarify your true desires for yourself, your life, and the impact that you and your life have on others and the world. 

Coaching is a powerful way to shine light on the "blind spots" we all have, so as to regain the power of fully conscious, creative and imaginative choice and take action in those areas. This process often exposes surprisingly powerful new options that we didn't even realize were available. Taking this step, however, demands courage, commitment and discipline. 

Shelley’s commitment is to help you grow as a conscious human being. You will become more motivated, inspired, energized and passionate. She will also work with you to shed your old disempowering actions and beliefs and help you build an environment of love that will support you in making a genuine contribution to humanity.  

YES, you can have it all!

Shelley’s Background

For over 30 years, Shelley has been training women in creating a life they love through personal and professional coaching tailored to their individual needs. She also developed and teaches the nationally acclaimed Power of Woman Seminars. Along with her husband Tom she teaches couples and individuals how to create a powerful life partnership as well as healthy, productive relationships in all areas of their lives through the Relationship Mastery Seminars and personal coaching sessions and classes for couples and individuals. 

She lives in Atlanta with her husband Tom, has 2 married children and 4 grandchildren. 

Click here to download your complimentary excerpt of Shelley’s book, “ The Master In The Mirror: A Woman’s Guide To Living A Passionate and Joyful Life.

Dear Friends,
Here are the simple, effective step-by-step tools I teach in my nationally acclaimed seminar Power of Woman. These are the tools you have been searching for! I have included a CD that makes it easy to learn how to use them. I created these special tools so you can live a passionate and joyful life. I also share inspiring stories about women who do! Please use them to remind yourself that you too can be the master of your life!

-Shelley Negelow

If you would like to purchase Shelley’s book, please click the button below. Her book includes audio you can download of some of the exercises Shelley teaches from the Power of Woman Seminar.
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